‘Enough’ Campaign

Multi-Year National Communications Campaign – The Home Office


The Home Secretary has launched an ambitious new, multi-year national communications campaign which says ‘Enough’ to violence against women and girls. Delivering on a key commitment of the Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategy, the first phase of the campaign focuses on perpetrators and tackling abuse.

The campaign includes television adverts, billboards, social media and radio advertising and will highlight different forms of violence against women and girls and the simple acts that anyone can take to challenge perpetrators of abuse. Forms of violence against women and girls represented include street harassment, coercive control, unwanted touching, workplace harassment, revenge-porn and cyber-flashing.

How to get help – Easy Read version

Easy Read makes it easier for people with learning difficulties to understand information. If you’ve experienced abuse and are looking for support, you can download the Easy Read document.

You can view the British Sign Language (BSL) | VAWG (campaign.gov.uk) video below.


This multi-year campaign will also include communications to educate young people about healthy relationships and consent and ensure victims can recognise abuse and seek support. Say ‘enough’ to violence.

It has been developed with an advisory group comprising over 30 voluntary sector organisations, survivors and academics who have given their expert insight.

The latest findings in behavioural science have also been used, including the role of peers and wider society and communities in influencing people’s actions, and the importance of providing simple, clear options to overcome the barriers people can have to challenging abuse.

Alongside advertising, a new website provides more information on the steps people can take to safely challenge violence against women and girls, guidance for victims of these crimes and advice for perpetrators who recognise their behaviour needs to change.

Below is the link to the campaign website and video.

Watch the campaign video

Visit the campaign website

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