Q&A 2015 Conference

Safeguarding Conference 2018 – Questions and Answers

Q: What is RiPfA please?

A: Research in Practice for Adults –

Our aim is to support people working in social care and health to improve outcomes for adults, their families and carers.

We bring together academic research, practice expertise and the experiences of people accessing services to enable professionals across the sector to make evidence-informed decisions about the design and delivery of Adults’ Services.

Find out more by visiting https://www.ripfa.org.uk/

Q: Can you give us some information about the SAR library?

A: More information can be found by following the link SAR library

Q: How can we truly assess capacity in cases of coercive control?

A: There are some excellent coercive control resources available online.  Follow the link Coercive control resources

Q: Is there a pathway of care identified for alcohol/drug addictions?

A: Yes, there a number of pathways of care in North Lincolnshire.

Public Health commission the local substance misuse service in North Lincolnshire – We Are With You  so that professionals can refer individuals for treatment, which includes assigning a keyworker, interventions, psychosocial support, group support or specialist prescribing. Service users can also make a self-referral.  

Addaction is located on High Street Scunthorpe – telephone number 01724 857633

In complex cases where the individual cannot be accommodated within current community protocols and has exhausted all community offers. At this point they are assessed for specialist inpatient detox and/or residential rehab. This is specialist to substance misuse and is mapped against National Treatment Agency criteria for tier 4 treatment.

North Lincolnshire also hold a Complex case panel which is a forum for professionals and partners to discuss complex cases involving substance misuse and to support the professionals to manage risks and signpost to other/appropriate agencies.

Q: Who refers cases into the LeDeR  programme and are the cases published?

A: Anyone can refer a case into the programme.  The individual cases are not published. For more information, please follow this link

Q: Would you agree that the core issue is not valuing people with Learning Disabilities and their rights equally – if so, how can this be tackled?

A: Rightfullives.net is a link to an exhibition of Human Rights and people with Learning Disability and people with Autism. For further information please follow this link. 

Q: Which of the programmes you’re running is making the most difference?

A: All the programmes are making a difference and an impact.  LeDeR and STOMP are at the forefront of awareness at the moment.  Read more by following the links below:

http://www.bristol.ac.uk/sps/leder/ and https://www.england.nhs.uk/learning-disabilities/improving-health/stomp/